MS-700 Microsoft Teams: Configuring Security and Access
1 h 0 m
Pausable for 7 hours
Lab Overview
MS - 700: Configuring security and access policies Overview This lab will step through configuration of Teams and channel security and compliance settings. This will include how to set up rules for guest access and allowing users from outside of your organization to be a part of a team, and what they have access to view and edit within a Team and channel.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 700 - Managing Microsoft Teams
  • How to configure the various user roles-based policies and rules within Teams
  • How to configure security by role and manage compliance within a Team and channel
  • How to configure external and guest access policies and rules within Teams and channels
In this exercise, you will configure the user policies based on user roles within Teams.
In this exercise, you will configure org-wide external and guest access settings within Teams.
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