MS-700 Microsoft Teams: Creating and Managing Teams Live events
1 h 30 m
Pausable for 7 hours
Lab Overview
MS - 700: Creating and managing Teams Live events Overview This lab will step through the process of creating a Teams Live event, setting up guest access links, setting up moderators, enabling QA features, and configuration and accessing recordings.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 700 - Managing Microsoft Teams
  • How to initiate the creation and scheduling of a Teams Live event
  • How to configure the Live event with Q&A and guest access
  • How to assign owners and moderators for the Live event
  • How to configure the recording and sharing of Live event
In this exercise, you will create and schedule a Teams Live event.
In this exercise, you will review how to edit an already created live event
In this exercise, you will configure Teams to allow a public live event that allows people from outside of your organization to join without signing into Teams
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