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Take a real time lab
Real Time Labs allow you to try the technology in a live hands-on environment without setting up anything on your computer or using your own cloud subscription.
How does it work?
Taking a Real Time Labe with SkillMeUp is pretty simple.

Finding a lab

You can find labs in multiple ways: Using search by clicking the question mark at the top of the website:

From there, enter the topic you are interested in the keyword search box:

You can also browse directly:

After you identify the lab you wish to take, you can open the course (1) or bookmark it for later reference (2).

Tip: You can find labs you bookmarked later by clicking My Account on the top navigation.

Starting a lab

Click the Start Online Lab button to start the lab. After clicking, you will be prompted for learning credits.

Since these are live lab environments that run in the cloud you must use learning credits to start them. Learning credits are included in paid SkillMeUp subscriptions or can be purchased separately. See our pricing page for more details.

The lab may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to fully provision depending on what all the lab does.

After the lab has completed provisioning you can access by clicking the View Lab Environment tab.

In the following screenshot you can see a virtual machine has been provisioned for you. To access it click the Connect button and logging in with the User Name and Password on the screen.

Tip 1: Connecting requires a remote desktop client and outbound port 3389 open. Most modern operating systems have a remote desktop client installed by default, check with your network administrator if you have concerns about outbound port 3389.
Tip 2: Some labs support the ability to pause the lab for up to 30 days. This is helpful in situations where you may not be able to complete all of the exercises in one session.

This screenshot shows a lab that also provides access to a Microsoft Azure subscription.

Completing a lab

You complete a lab by performing the steps in the lab guide. The lab guide can be accessed from within the LABVM in some labs, and through the website in others.

In the following screenshot:
  • 1 is the instructions for the exercise
  • 2 allows you to zoom in or out of the exercise text
  • 3 opens a dialog to access the Microsoft Azure credentials (if available for the lab)
  • 4 ensure you mark each exercise complete as you progress to track your progress in the lab

Accessing course and lab completion certificates

Click My Account on the top navigation.

Then click My Certificates, from there you can click View Certificate to open the certificate of completion (.pdf) to save or print.